Why New Construction Properties Will Work For You

We want to make sure only the best new construction properties make it to our investors, so we are constantly innovating based on years of real estate investment experiences and feedback from our property owners and their tenants. 

Do any of the following statements sound like you?  

  •  I would like to set up a solid retirement plan by acquiring some real estate assets

  • I’m interested in acquiring a real estate portfolio that will financially take care of me and my family.

  • I’m having trouble finding the time to investigate information, consider options and execute plan.

  • I need help getting all the right team members organized and working for me. 

  • I know Edmonton is highly recommended as one of the best places to invest in real estate, but I’m scared to make a mistake investing long-distance. 

  • I need information and a stepbystep process I can diligently follow but need someone else to do all the work. 

  • I am super busy and don’t have time to do it myself – I need a professional service with a proven track record that will listen to me and execute my plan so I can get what I want. 

Then keep reading! 

We work for our investors

By refining our process through experience and gaining feedback, we can best determine what tenants want in in their homes and where they want to live. 

Ultimately, this also helps us determine what properties will work best long term on your financial statements. 

To do this, we listen to you and understand your budget, your financial goals with real estate and most importantly, the available time you will have to put towards your real estate portfolio. No one wants their real estate investments to be a burden by turning into a money pit with constant maintenance or taking up your time and giving you unwanted stress dealing with tenantrelated issues.

We want to match you with proven new construction assets that will be a pleasure to own and contribute to your long-term financial goals! 

To accomplish this, we start by focusing on three key factors:  

We believe the third point – Who You Put In It – is the most important. However, it’s pretty tough to complete this unless you do steps one and two correctly. Let’s give you a few more details and maybe look at a little reverse engineering… 

So why do we believe in New Construction properties for our investors?

It’s simple – we want to ensure you acquire great properties, we also want to make sure your term of ownership is enjoyable and rewarding! The best way we know how to do this is by helping you build a custom fit BRAND NEW property!

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