A Beautiful Property with No Hassles

When you go with a new construction property for your investments, you can count on quality construction, minimal maintenance, modern features, home warranty protection, and more.

A Proven Model with Great Cash Flow

Homes with a legal secondary suite or a basement apartment are a fantastic way to create two income streams under one roof and increase your passive income. If you are an investor looking for safe entry into the Edmonton marketplace or that next great addition to your portfolio, a suited home is worth considering.

Two Income Streams, One Mortgage

Like a suited home, a home with a garage suite is a fantastic way for investors to create two income streams with only one mortgage and can produce substantial monthly cash flow. Garage suites are a growing trend, and we understand why: tenants like to rent them as they eliminate most co-tenant issues like noise, smell, and privacy. Not to mention their ultra-modern design offers lots of windows for maximum natural light.

Charge your Cash Flow with Optional Legal Secondary Suites

These buildings offer investors the opportunity to receive substantial monthly cash flow. Side-by-side duplex buildings are a great way to streamline management costs and control expenses and tenancies. If you are an investor wanting to receive a positive cash flow from multiple income streams under one roof, this may be a good option for you!

Why a Multi-Plex?

Are you an investor looking to build a solid retirement plan with one move? Do you have a larger down payment and want to purchase multiple income with only one mortgage? A multi-plex may be a good fit for you. These buildings offer passive income and suit long-distance investors. They offer flexibility to subdivide and sell as individual units maximizing your value when it is time to exit.

Multifamily Properties are a Fantastic Opportunity

It not only ensures steady income and consistent cash flow, but also promises accelerated portfolio growth. The tax benefits are significant and managing multiple units brings about cost effi ciencies. What’s more, it’s a brilliant strategy against inflation, paving the way for both income generation and wealth accumulation. Diversifying into real estate, beyond traditional stocks and bonds, is a truly rewarding decision.

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