Get the Details on Investment Property Types

What property types offer the best opportunity? 

Today’s tenants are super educated! Thanks to the evolution of the internet, smart phones and other online platforms that advertise properties for rent, today’s tenants are able to find your property quickly, place a value on your offering and make a decision to inquire or keep scrolling… 

For this reason, we are relentless in our pursuit to constantly innovate and procure properties that make our investors successful!

Garage Suite Investment Properties image

New Construction Properties

The modern and on trend designs easily attract tenants. TriUrban works with local land developers and construction teams to source, design and build rental properties that give our investors the highest returns possible.

Infill Developments

Infills are a great way to have a new construction investment property in a mature neighborhood and offer much greater flexibility with your building designs and suite density.  Why would I consider and an infill?

Tenanted Properties

These are about as easy as it comes…  Purchase a property with an existing tenant and lease in place. TriUrban has many investor clients that have decided that it’s time to sell creating an opportunity for other investors to take over a property that will supply cash flow on day 1. 

Buy a Re-sale, Renovate & Repurpose

This has been a long-term proven model and way to create wealth. Buy a re-sale home and renovate it to repurpose it to be a great long-term asset.

Older properties are typically known for their higher maintenance costs but by upgrading the mechanical systems, interior design & finishings and any other issues at time of purchase you can create a property that will also give you great results. 

It is important to walk into these deals with your eyes wide open and make sure the ARV (after repaired value) is in line with current values in the area. TriUrban works with local renovation teams that understand this concept and can maximize your renovation budget. We also work with mortgage brokers and lenders that can increase your ROI and lower your required investment capital by offering specific mortgage-plus-improvement programs designed for the intended purpose of buying, upgrading and then placing a great tenant.