Side x Side Duplex

Super Charge your Cash Flow with Optional Legal Secondary Suites

The above numbers are estimates only and will vary based on but not limited to model selected, options selected, down payment, interest rates and overall purchase price.

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Why a Side by Side Duplex?

These buildings offer investors an amazing opportunity to receive substantial monthly cash flow.  Side x Side Duplex buildings are a great way to streamline your management costs and keep extra control over your expenses and tenancies.  A fantastic way to have 4 income streams under one roof!

About Side x Sides…

Based on your investment budget you have the option to purchase one side or half of a building, or both sides and full building.  Our most successful arrangement consists of a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom upper floor suite and a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom lower suite per side.  Each suite has its own separate entrance, laundry facilities, heating system and controls and air exchange.  The parking consists of a double attached garage with a full double driveway offering your tenants the convenience of 4 onsite parking stalls per side.

The tenant profile in the upper suites are typically a family arrangement consisting of a mom, dad and 1 to 2 children. Most commonly these families are just embarking on life’s journey together and may not quite have the down payment or mortgage qualification ability to purchase a home yet. The average stay for these tenants is 2 to 3 years.  The lower suites are set up to attract a singe person or perhaps a couple with no children.  These 2 tenant profiles merge nicely and offer a well-balanced environment not overloading the number of occupants in your properties.

Who should be considering a Side x Side Duplex into their portfolio?

If you are an investor wanting to get amazing cash flow by having multiple income streams under one roof this may be a good option for you.

What do they rent for?

Depending on the community the estimated rental rates range from $1500 to $1650 for the upper suites and $850 to $1000 for the lower suites.  Most investors charge $400 to $500 for utilities in addition to the rental rate and splitting that cost between the tenants based on the number of occupants in each suite.  You as the landlord pay for mortgage, real estate taxes, insurance, utilities and your management costs. Discretionary costs include vacancy and repairs and maintenance and it’s always a good idea to keep a healthy reserve fund.

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