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TriUrban is a boutique real estate firm committed to matching your
Real Estate purchases to  your time and lifestyle goals.

We are an innovative new real estate brokerage focused on bridging the gaps between new construction properties, home owners, and real estate investors with a bit of industry disruption thrown in.

Our team is a super blend of like-minded individuals that each have a specific and unique skill set. We are real estate investors ourselves, we all believe in innovative change for all the right reasons, and we all adhere to the same core life values of Family – Time – Freedom.

Why we do it – We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to be with and support their family, spend their time as they wish and have the financial freedom they desire.

How we do it – We use the proven real estate vehicle to develop assets that will match your current lifestyle and secure your financial future.

What we do – We have strategic alliances with land developers and home builders to purpose built properties that will attract superb tenants and produce maximum and consistent ROI.

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